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Right now, thriving businesses know the importance of creating, enhancing, and maintaining a quality company culture for employees. But it can be hard to transition with the changing times and employee preferences. And it’s especially difficult for some companies that struggle to move to a remote, digitally-centered, or online environment. But W3LL has managed to do just that and in a way that improves company culture. We’ll share three steps that might prove to be just as successful for your business if your culture needs a refresh.

1. It Begins with the W3LL Work-Life Balance

If the pandemic conditions of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that business leaders need to demonstrate flexibility when it comes to providing a work-life balance for their teams. Improving how you manage your staff by allowing each individual to enjoy the permissions they need to find their own balance will serve as a mass improvement to the overall company culture.

Remote Work Is Here to Stay

While remote working scenarios became a staple during the pandemic, it’s clear they’re here to stay. Business owners realized that employees could be just as productive working from the home office, and in some cases, even more effective, especially with all the digital communication and software tools available that keep people connected. And not having the overhead expenses associated with running a brick-and-mortar office, remote workers became even more attractive. It’s also a significant recruiting benefit to know you can bring in talent from across the globe now, with remote working roles. Consider embracing remote work for your business, and you, too, can leverage these many benefits. W3LL implemented a work-from-home policy that is still in effect and embraced by staff still today.

Time-Off Flexibilities

Company culture is centered on how the employees feel about working with you. W3LL is creatively flexible about managing the needs of staff, including a loosened approach to time-off requests periods of rest for the teams. If your employees are able to get their work done on time, meet deadlines, and communicate, there’s no reason to enforce strict rules about time on and off the job. Allowing someone to call it a day, a few hours earlier than usual, can go a long way to improving company culture. And you can still remain connected digitally for those last-minute, work-related emergencies.

Re-Establishing Job Role Requirements

It’s worth revisiting your individual employee role requirements. Over the past year, your teams may have found more innovative or efficient ways to meet goals while working from home. In some cases, businesses shifted their overall objectives entirely to embrace more digital presence. Make sure you adjust your individual roles and benchmarks in conjunction with any changes your company made. And talk with your teams about their thoughts for improvements or shifts within their roles, as well. Holding them to old accountabilities in a new operating environment will prove to be detrimental to your company culture overall.

2. Communication Efforts & Efficiencies

W3LL stepped up to improve how it communicates with the teams and fully embraced the virtual working environment. Your employees bring unique experiences and perspectives into your company, don’t sell your brand short by not tapping into those assets. Communication allows for flow in both directions, too, ensuring leaders know precisely what subordinates need and employees understand exactly what management wants from them. And what used to be a physical open-door policy is now a fully digital open-door policy.

Connecting Teams & Management

Your company culture could see a positive surge by simply improving how your management listens to and accommodates the employees. Listen to what your teams are telling you, and be swift to take the action necessary in response to that feedback. From adjusting policies to improving company processes, your employees can provide all the direction you need. And following through on their suggestions proves how much you value them, thus improving the overall culture within the organization.

Connecting Teams to Teams

Don’t isolate your teams from each other, either. Look for ways to connect everyone to allow a complete collaborative digital or virtual dashboard environment. Avoid separating departments or employee ranks and instead look for ways to bring them together under one mission. W3LL prioritizes those non-work-related conversations in group meetings, too, inspiring new friendships and communication between teams. Cross-departmental training also helps IT understand what Marketing does and vice versa. The more connected everyone feels to each other, the better your company culture will be for everyone.

Connecting the W3LL to Individual Needs

W3LL keeps a finger on the pulse of individual needs ongoing. Using daily digital check-ins, routine virtual meetings, and one-on-one initiatives, it’s easy to know precisely how your employees are doing within their personal and professional journeys. Your staff will have different needs and preferences, and you won’t necessarily be able to do everything all the time. But you can make improvements and adjustments that translate to a better working environment at the individual level.

3. W3LL Invests Heavily in Health & Wellness

How you prioritize your employees’ health and wellness will have a direct impact on your company culture. This means addressing benefits, perks, and programs you have in place now and making improvements that align better with employee needs. This is a big component of developing the best company culture.

Company Benefits

Gym memberships, discounts for healthy lifestyle purchases, and other incentives all contribute to the health and wellness of your teams. In addition to your existing benefits, consider adding in a few of these extras. It also demonstrates that you value employee health. And it is in your best interest since a health worker is a working one, too.

Individualization in Wellness

Not all employees are created equal, and your staff will vary on what they need and want in terms of wellness. W3LL understands this and allows for individualization of benefits based on those particular needs. For example, instead of launching a gym membership program for XYZ Gym, consider implementing a gym reimbursement benefit that allows individuals to choose their favorite gym or at-home gym equipment. For any employees returning to the office, consider flexibility in what kinds of snacks you offer in a break room and be flexible when ordering and bringing in those team lunches. These extra steps won’t likely cost more to enact, and you’ll be improving company culture in the process.

W3LL Prioritizes Health Insurance

W3LL specializes in providing quality online health insurance resources, support, and options as a company offering. So, it only makes sense that W3LL employees enjoy those same benefits. For your company, you may decide on a group health plan for your teams. But there are other health plan options available to you, including ICHRA platforms, that allow employees to choose their own coverages based on their own needs. It’s worth exploring how you provide health insurance to your staff to see if there is a way to improve what you offer in a way that drives better company culture.

Company culture is essential for the growth and retention of employees. W3LL continues to advance company culture initiatives in a way that proves successful. Tap into some of these steps for your business, and let W3LL help with all things health insurance!


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