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Shifting workplace environment and employee needs result in companies needing to adjust their existing policies to best ensure a healthy work-life balance and a positive experience for all employees. W3LL continues to invest in company culture by listening and responding to the opinions of employees and taking active steps to meet their needs.

Flexible Work Schedule and Dedication to Accommodate Remote Work

COVID-19 forever transformed the modern workspace with many companies forced to adapt to new policies and find creative ways to ensure the well-being of their employees remotely. Even before New York state government officials mandated all non-essential businesses to work remotely, W3LL implemented a work-from-home (WFH) policy that is still in effect today. By prioritizing the health of our loved ones and each other during this global crisis has allowed us to stand strong, grow our numbers, and continue assisting Americans in getting the health coverage they need.

After listening to the concerns of our employees, W3LL has chosen to remain remote and hires new talent across America to diversify our employee pool and bring new perspectives to the company. The expansion of our workforce has resulted in greater flexibility regarding work hours, workspaces, and time off. Our well-communicated team allows for total transparency in these matters, and W3LL has made active steps to ensure our team members are accommodated to allow for high performance alongside a healthy work-life balance.

For employees located within driving distance to our headquarters in Stony Brook, New York, W3LL is excited to begin welcoming employees back to the office via a new desk reservation system. This program is optional and designed to assist those who struggle to work with the distractions of home. W3LL understands that employees have different needs due to uncontrollable facets of their home life, the different ways people perform their best work, and other unpredictable aspects of daily life.

Renewed Focus on Company Culture and Open Communication

The onset of COVID-19 and the transition to a digital workspace has placed an even greater importance on communication and company culture.

A 2020 survey from TELUS International reported that 51% of Americans working remotely feel less connected to their company. The absence of small talk and interacting with colleagues were identified as the primary contributor to the feeling of isolation. W3LL prioritizes a strong sense of community and recognizes it as a key driver of engagement and productivity as the workforce continues to shift towards a remote setting.

W3LL and the teams within establish and maintain virtual support networks through:

  • Daily team meetings.
  • Regular manager check-ins.
  • Prioritization of non-work discussions to build strong connections between co-workers.

Ensuring that your employees feel heard and connected helps to bridge the isolation gap to prevent in the remote workplace.

In addition to the day-to-day measures everyone in the company takes to feel like a part of a bigger team, W3LL promotes communal team bonding activities outside of standard work hours, such as:

  • Company movie nights.
  • Cross-departmental training.
  • Regular team-building activities.

Multiple Options for Integrated Wellness Programs

W3LL invests in employees’ well-being by partnering with programs that provide discounts, cash rewards, gym memberships, and other incentives that increase overall well-being in addition to competitive benefits packages. Programs such as Holisticly and YouEarnedIt! are W3LL’s way of saying a job well done to our employees are ensuring they are recognized for their continued work while allowing for special shout outs. Taking the time to invest in wellness programs boasts a wide range of benefits, including an increase in retention and satisfaction rates.

Additionally, W3LL recognizes that employees have various needs and that not everyone is motivated by the same incentives. Allowing individualization when it comes to wellness and reward programs ensures that each employee is getting the most out of what W3LL has to offer. Moving forward, as the needs of the workforce continue to change, W3LL continues to adapt to the demands of their employees and ensure they are working towards providing a positive and well-adjusted employee experience.

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