Shopping for health insurance just got a whole lot easier

Introducing W3ll – the one-stop platform for shopping health plans. Within the complex insurance world, you can now easily discover personally tailored options.

I’m an individual

Find the right health insurance plan that matches your needs and budget.

I’m a business

W3ll provides the benefits shopping platform for organizations of all sizes.

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Who is W3ll?

W3ll is an innovative technology company that simplifies health insurance through automation. We offer end-to-end technology for a streamlined shopping and enrollment experience, providing expertise in top-of-funnel activity, Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE), and Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA).


What can W3ll do for you?

W3ll creates an intuitive and streamlined health insurance shopping experience configured to your needs.

For health plans, our EDE platform gives you control over the consumer experience and keeps the competition out. As a Phase III EDE Partner, W3ll’s white-labeled solutions can activate your sales channels, save you millions, and grow your revenue opportunities.

For brokers, growing & maintaining your book of business becomes easy. Get ahead of your employer groups’ need to stay competitive and get in front of new employers by guiding them through the significant cost savings and benefits of ICHRA. Grow, retain, and manage your employer accounts with W3ll.