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In a world where health insurance is more than a policy, W3LL stands at the forefront of change. Our mission is clear: to make healthcare more affordable, accessible, and plentiful for everyone. How do we accomplish this? By equipping individuals with the confidence to navigate their own healthcare journey and empowering those who lead consumers to the right coverage.

W3LL is here to be a part of the process and answer the inevitable changes that come with our industry. Keep reading to learn more about who we are and how we help you navigate those changes.

What’s Our Secret

Using the latest in technology, W3LL transforms the health insurance shopping and enrollment experience. Our suite of products, powered by Softheon’s robust technology, offers end-to-end solutions that simplify every step for clients and members.

Our capabilities extend from user-friendly shopping tools to efficient backend processing, streamlining every interaction and transaction:

  • Phase III Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) capabilities
  • Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangements (ICHRA) functionality
  • Payment facilitator solutions
  • AI-driven guidance

How We Help the Insurance Benefits Ecosystem

With consumers in mind, we’ve created solutions to help every stage of the process. Our focus isn’t on creating products to rival the competition – it’s to fill the gaps that aren’t being addressed. Learn more about who we can help and the products built to improve the process of shopping for health insurance at every junction.

Brokers: Helping enroll members and retain more clients

Brokers play a pivotal role for getting and keeping members covered. As the indispensable guide, they take the time to understand the unique health care needs of each of their clients. W3LL eases the load of sifting through a number of plans and bringing simplicity and efficiency to daily tasks.

Broker Portal: One platform does it all

Through extensive market research and feedback from brokers who tested our product, meet the Broker Portal built for you. W3LL’s Portal allows brokers to service their clients by effortlessly sharing quotes and enrolling or guiding your clients as they enroll. On top of all of that, effortlessly manage your book of business. Gain insights, track leads, and more – all in one centralized place. Broker built, broker focused.

Partners: Enter new markets previously out of reach

For the companies designing exceptional customer experiences, but in need of robust backend support, W3LL is your powerhouse. Our technology enables companies for rapid entry into new markets that were once considered unattainable. Give yourself the upper hand and leverage what’s within reach. It’s not just about keeping pace, it’s about defining it and ensuring you’re always two steps ahead.

Shopping & Enrollment Platform: 100% of enrollment scenarios covered

W3LL’s shopping and enrollment platform features Phase III Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) capabilities, creating a seamless experience. No redirects ever, we provide support for 100% of enrollment scenarios. Fast and easy, clear and simple. That’s what W3LL does.

White-labeled Solution: Your brand, front and center

We craft the experience, you make it yours. Our comprehensive shopping and enrollment platform is fully integrated with, built to enhance the user experience. Brand our shopping solution so it feels like yours and provide a seamless, branded journey for users. Anytime, anywhere, from any device.

Employers: Improving health insurance benefits

Aside from steering the company, employers need to provide adequate health insurance coverage to their employees. Whether it’s traditional group health insurance or innovative alternatives like ICHRA, managing these benefits is a significant task.

W3LL is here to lighten that burden. We make administering benefits straightforward, saving time and money, so you can invest more in your workforce. Best of all, we have the expertise to introduce you to new innovative benefit offerings that employers are in search of.

ICHRA Expertise: The affordable (and flexible) benefit alternative

As the healthcare benefits landscape evolves, so do available choices. ICHRA is rapidly becoming the sought-after alternative to traditional group health insurance plans. But understanding and managing these options requires expertise. Insert W3LL – the ICHRA experts.

We understand the ins and outs of ICHRA so much that we’re developing a platform. We make ICHRA administration simple. Couple that with our ready to use shopping & enrollment platform, employees now have a solution to apply their new ICHRA funds.

Employer Portal: Benefit administration made simple

W3LL is creating an Employer Portal meant to make benefit administration less of a burden so employers can focus on taking care of their employees. Bonus – we’re focusing on ICHRA administration, giving employers an opportunity to save on health insurance costs while still giving employees the coverage they want.

Individuals: Chart your own health insurance path

Not all shopping experiences are equal, especially with health insurance. With all the jargon, uncertainty of how coverage works, and the pressure to find the right plan, the entire process can be overwhelming. If the shopping experience isn’t just right, it could make the entire process that much harder.

W3LL has built a shopping and enrollment process that emboldens individuals, enabling them to take control of their healthcare. We also have built in AI-powered support that is there to answer any questions, giving individuals the confidence to know they picked the right plan.

W3LLGPT: Be empowered with expert knowledge

An AI-powered virtual concierge, W3LLGPT stands ready to answer any health insurance questions. From basic questions to the complexities of managing ICHRA funds, W3LLGPT ensures you’re w3ll-equipped with knowledge and confidence. We designed W3LLGPT to build user confidence. If you don’t know the answer, W3LLGPT does.

W3LL is dedicated to enhancing the consumer experience in the health insurance market. Our commitment is reflected in our thorough understanding of our audience and our relentless pursuit of products that cater precisely to their needs. We’re more than a service; we’re a partner, here to take your health insurance experience to new heights.

Ready for W3LL’s transformative solutions? Let’s start this journey together.