3 Ways to Keep Your Company Focused and Driven While Virtual

3 Ways to Keep Your Company Focused and Driven While Virtual

Companies are racing to find the best ways to stay connected to employees, customers, and resources. While the pandemic forced business leaders to pivot and adopt virtual solutions during shutdowns, it’s evident some of these remote and digital connection methods are here to stay. And in an effort to implement all these new processes in a big hurry, it can be easy for a business to inadvertently move away from its core mission. So, how can you retain company focus on those key elements of your brand and vision while you revamp how you engage in our new virtual environment? Is there a way to pursue company growth, maintain company focus while remaining engaged with your teams and customers digitally? The answer is yes, but it will likely require some new strategies. We’ve outlined three ways to help you chart your path forward.

1. Virtual Employee Culture & Support

Harvard Business Review reported findings from a PwC CFO Pulse survey that suggests 54% of U.S. company leaders plan to maintain remote working positions for staff ongoing and post-pandemic. If you have similar plans to keep your teams remote, or at least partially remote, there are ways to ensure continued productivity and company focus. It will also be imperative that you look to embrace new methods in a way that continues to support your company culture, as well.

Ensure Everyone Has What They Need

Just like your employees would need the tools to do their jobs in the office, you’ll want to make sure every member of your team has everything they need to perform their duties virtually. This may mean adding additional resources and permissions for them to make decisions, complete tasks, and solve problems. If someone is experiencing problems with an internal database function, for example, he or she will need to know how to get necessary IT support quickly.

Keep Those Meetings Conversational

Don’t assume that meetings have to be boring or all about work. Remember that conversational engagement with your staff will ensure you’re still building those quality relationships. Of course, before the digital office, it may have been easier to stick your head into someone’s office to ask about what they did last weekend. You can’t really do that now. But you and your management members can make dedicated efforts to continue building those relationships, albeit in a virtual way.

Revamping Your Open-Door Policy

You or other key leaders within your organization used to maintain an open-door policy, wherein employees felt welcomed to bring new ideas, raise issues, or discuss personnel matters. Now, in a virtual environment, it’s imperative that you reinforce those continued policies with proper digital channels. Remind your teams that you value their input, and despite being remote, they still have access to have any of those essential conversations.

2. Virtual Company Growth

Keeping your teams connected to your company vision is only one pillar of success. You’ll also need to consider connecting with customers who may prefer virtual engagements, as well. Your company focus likely includes a plan for growth. And it will be imperative that you adapt to connect with consumers in a digital world.

Digital Marketing Is the Only Way Forward

If your business isn’t embracing digital marketing methods, you’re missing out on key customer engagements, sales, and referrals. Company focus in today’s virtual environment needs to include a robust digital marketing strategy that leverages all relevant channels, including website traffic, social media marketing, and best SEO practices. Even if your business is service-based or unable to “sell” online, you could be offering digital estimates or virtual discounts. And working your online referrals will ensure your business continues to generate online leads.

Contactless Services for Core Audiences

The foodservice industry quickly transitioned during the pandemic to embrace contactless delivery or pick-up methods. Car dealerships began delivering and sanitizing service lane vehicles. And the healthcare industry transitioned to offer telehealth services for those unable to make appointments in person. Consider adding any of these types of contactless delivery services that apply to your business model as an additional accommodation for your customers.

Virtual Networking

The traditional “Business After Hours” event might no longer be available to you. So your business can maintain company focus in networking digitally. Consider joining online industry groups to share ideas and challenges. Follow key industry leaders online to keep a finger on the pulse of the most successful in your niche. And look for ways to offer and solicit referrals from local or regional connections you can make online.

3. Virtual Tools Today’s Businesses Are Leveraging

Staying connected in a virtual working environment will require digital tools and software. And there are plenty of options out there that might make it hard to choose. Here are a few key areas and tools that many businesses are leveraging today.

Consumer Engagement Tools

Consider engaging your customers online via social media, like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and TikTok. Know what your customer preferences are by sending out feedback surveys or email questionnaires. Digital tools exist to help automate these processes so you can get the valuable data you need to maintain company focus.

Internal Communication Tools

Digital software platforms like Monday or Slack are great ways for internal teams to stay connected to each other. Manage projects, delegate tasks, and give company-wide shout-outs in one easy-to-use system. These are great tools for managing accountability and deliverables, as well.

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Today’s digital environment demands virtual engagement at every level. As you transition the various aspects of your company operations to embrace online methods, don’t lose sight of your company focus. You can still be true to your original vision and business objectives without compromising the virtual elements. And when you’re ready to explore your health insurance options, including the ever-popular ICHRA solution, let W3ll help!