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There are quite a few new job opportunities out there right now as thousands of companies are experiencing growth. You may feel loyal to your current employer, especially after going through a year like 2020. But you don’t have to stay in a subpar role, out of feelings of obligation. And considering all the new jobs available today, you could just be one interview away from your absolute dream job.

If you’re torn on whether you should stay with your current employer or explore your options, you’re in luck. Today, we’ll offer three signs that it’s time to start looking for a new job. If any of these workplace scenarios sound all too familiar, today might be the day you should dust off the old resume.

1. Company Changes

Most companies will tell you that a lot has changed over the last year. Business structures, new products and services, and digital front lines are all significant shifts. And embracing change is a good thing. But some things represent changes that might have negative consequences for you, your role, or your career path.

Acquisition or Merger

Not all mergers or acquisitions translate to bad news. Some represent increased company funding and growth. But if your employer has gone through such a change, be mindful. There could be department consolidation coming or layoffs. There could be budget cuts that, in turn, affect the tools and resources you need to do your job. And what used to be a clear career path to success for you might now have unanticipated roadblocks.

New Leadership

Much like a losing team in professional sports might experience a change in coaching, your employer might see shifts in leadership. In the best-case scenarios, new leadership means new ideas and renewed vision. But in some cases, it means tough decisions, budget cuts, and role reassignments. If you find yourself feeling the effects of new leadership in your day-to-day work, it might be time to quit your job.

Mass Layoffs

Mass layoffs are a big red flag that the company is reworking its strategy. And you may not be part of that new path forward. Just because you were able to keep your title during a first or second wave of layoffs doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider exploring your options. The next round of termination letters could have your name among them.

2. Career Trajectory Red Flags

When you first started with your current employer, you probably felt there was a future for you with the company. There were maybe opportunities to grow and reach senior-level status. Some companies attract new candidates with promises of continued learning and skills development, too. But don’t assume that your career path with any company is always as clear as the day you started. Here are a few signs the path to success in your current role may be obscured.

No Path for Growth

If you feel there is no more room to grow, it’s time to find a new job. Maybe you’ve maxed out in terms of seniority or pay. Or it could be that you work for a family-owned organization that literally has nowhere higher for you to land. If you’re stuck, there are countless other opportunities with other companies looking for growth-minded leaders to join their ranks.

Lack of Challenging Tasks

Maybe you like your job and love your company. But if you feel your day-to-day responsibilities are becoming routine, mundane, or boring, beware. If you don’t feel challenged on the job, at least in one or two areas, you’ll likely be headed for burnout.

Company Struggles

If your current employer is having trouble landing new clients, there could be a bigger problem. If your boss isn’t embracing digital marketing or thwarting some of today’s best practices for growth, there could be trouble on the horizon. Consider the company trajectory. If you see more company struggles than you do positive development, it might be time to find a new job.

3. Signs at the Personal Level

How does your job make you feel? There are key considerations and signs your job may no longer be your jam. If any of these sentiments ring true with you personally, it may be time to explore new job opportunities.

You’re No Longer Happy

If getting up in the morning to get ready for work is getting harder and harder, you might be time to face the facts – you may just not like your job anymore. This unhappiness can be unhealthy. If you feel depressed, anxious, or frustrated every day or several times each week, it’s just not a healthy situation. Those mental stresses can quickly lead to physical concerns. Don’t spend another day doing something that makes you miserable. Polish up that resume and hit the job boards.

Co-workers No Longer Communicate

If your co-workers and colleagues seem stressed or overly concerned, take notice. When employee communication breaks down, and teams quit talking to each other, it could be a sign of negative things to come. People generally stop trying to fix problems when they recognize problems rarely get fixed. And this lack of communication could be a red flag in that very direction. Maybe, those colleagues are disconnecting because they’re looking for new jobs.

You Feel Undermined or Marginalized

You likely take pride in what you do for a living. You might even take pride in making a difference. But if your current role starts to feel less important or more marginalized, it could become a problem. If leadership doesn’t see the value of you or your work, they won’t be concerned with your growth either. Should you feel undermined and undervalued, you might want to start looking elsewhere. And if the raises stop coming or management says there’s not enough budget to keep up with annual increases, you can expect to see cuts elsewhere, too.

Don’t waste your career with the wrong company. Find your place somewhere new, especially if any of these red flags present in your current situation. And remember, changing jobs means you qualify for a special enrollment period with the ACA Marketplace. Finding new health insurance is easy with W3LL.


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