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Some people will tell you that the most stressful times in your life will likely boil down to three catalyst events. New or broken relationships, changes in jobs, or relocations all seem to be some of the most significant life-changing scenarios. Today, many Americans face some or all of these situations, and it can be incredibly stressful to build a new life on the other side of these events.

If you fall into the category of experiencing a recent move or relocation, there are some tips and suggestions to ensure you start off in your new venue with your best foot forward. You could benefit from some ideas to help you start building a new life in your new home. And whether you’re moving across town or the country because of a job or just a need for a change in scenery, these three things are great first steps at your new address.

1. Starting with Your Habits & Routines

A new move presents an opportunity to break old habits and start anew. But there are likely some healthy routines you had before that are worth keeping in your new zip code. Building a new life won’t feel as stressful with a few familiar habits to incorporate into your day.

Workouts & Wellness

Don’t discard those healthy habits, including any wellness steps. For example, if in your old location, your day began with a workout or morning run, continue those efforts in your new place. If you were a meal prepper at your old address, keep up with those healthy rituals after your relocation. You might have to look for a new gym membership or explore new grocery stores to get started. But living in a new venue won’t feel so foreign if you can stick to your wellness routines.

Keep the Family Events

Building a new life after a relocation can be hard on the whole family. So, it’s important to stick with family routines as best you can in your new venue. If you normally get pizza on Friday nights, keep ordering Friday night pizza. You might have to find a new pizzeria. But keeping the family bonding routine will help everyone feel more at home in the new place.

Morning Coffee Therapy

After a move, everything in your environment is new to you. And finding familiarity might mean exploring the area to find your new morning coffee. Even if you’re heading off to a new job or embarking on a day of job hunting, that cup of joe can be calming. And if you’re sad about leaving your former favorite morning stop, discovering a new favorite coffee stop will help you feel more connected in your new surroundings.

2. Finding Your Place Among the Herd

Relocation can often feel like a displacement, especially if you’re moving far away from friends, family, and familiar areas. If you feel like you’ve been dropped into an entirely new world, you can prioritize finding ways to plug into the new life. Finding your place among the herd can help you feel a part of this strange new place.

Asking for References

Don’t be hesitant to ask for a little direction from others, even if it starts with the gas station attendant or retail cashier. Ask about the best places to eat, where to walk the dog, or what businesses may be hiring. If you already have a new job, ask your new co-workers about the area. Learning what’s available will help prompt you to create a list of things to do. And it will keep you from isolating yourself at home, wondering where to get started. Get out there and explore!

Making New Friends

A bi-product of talking to people and exploring new places is making new friends. Take the kids to a new park and encourage them to make friends, as well. Connecting with at least one new pal in your new place can help you fast-track your efforts to build a new life. One friend can lead to new introductions, job opportunities, social events, and fun in your new venue.

Find Your Calm Place

Finding your place among the herd also means exploring your personal hobbies, favorite pastimes, and quiet places. If you like to ride your bike, find local bike paths or trails. If you enjoy golfing, check out the local courses or explore club memberships. Find what makes you happy in your new space, even if it’s a quiet afternoon at the library, and stick to it. Whatever gave you peace in your old location will offer that same peace after a relocation. And in exploring these activities, you’ll be more apt to meet new people along the way.

3. Taking Care of Official Business

Depending on where you relocate, you’ll likely have some official business to take care of when you get there. Prioritize this list of tasks within the first few weeks of arriving. Once these are handled, you can get on with building your new life.

Change of Address Docs

One of your first steps is changing your address. Connect with the postal service to ensure any new mail finds you at your new home. Follow up with any additional accounts, including credit cards, to share the new address information, as well. If you’re relocating out of state, you’ll also need to make a stop at the local DMV to make necessary changes to your driver’s license and vehicle registration.

New Healthcare Providers

Relocating to a new city can also mean you have to find new doctors and healthcare providers. Consider asking your former providers for references if they have any. You can also initiate a transfer of records. Start with searching for a new general practitioner. But also be mindful of any specialists you may need to see, as well.

New Health Insurance

Moving to a new address qualifies as a special enrollment period. You have an opportunity to explore new health insurance plans and potential savings with premium tax credits via the Marketplace. Browse with W3LL to see what you may qualify for and begin exploring various coverage options. You will also want to consider your new healthcare providers to ensure they fall into in-network plans for coverage you select.

Building a new life and facing a relocation can certainly feel stressful at times. But these tips can help you find your new normal and familiarity in your changed venue. And when you’re ready to look at health insurance plans, take advantage of the resources W3LL provides.


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