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This time of year, millions of Americans vow to make changes in the new year. It’s probably why you usually see an abundance of advertising for smoking cessation products, exercise equipment, and financial services. People see the first of the year as an opportunity to commit to getting better, doing better, and being better. But Forbes reports that nearly 80% of all New Year’s resolutions fail, as folks fall back into trusted habits. So, how can you plan and avoid becoming one of these statistics? Today, we’ll outline three New Year’s resolutions you can actually stick to in 2021.

Career and Finance Goals

This year has been incredibly difficult for millions of Americans in terms of career and finances. As we head into 2021, there are some realistic goals that almost anyone can commit to and keep.

New Job or Position
You may have been putting off a job search before, but now may be the best time to make a change. Dust off your resume and start browsing the online job boards. There are countless industries and companies experiencing growth and looking for top talent. Or, you can explore new positions available with your current company. Take pride in the experience and expertise you have, and use it to promote yourself as an ideal fit for a role you really want in 2021. You can start applying now and have a new opportunity in the new year. And with a new role, you’ll maybe have more money, better benefits, and a more positive outlook in your career.

Better Spending Plan
Get smart about your spending. Maybe you already have, as so many have had to cut back due to the effects of the pandemic this year. Take a look at your finances and pay special attention to where you do the most spending. Consider making subtle cuts at first, and you can build momentum from there. Stop buying that morning latte for one month and see how much you’ve managed to save, as an example.

Building Your Savings
Consider developing a strategy that allows you to contribute to your savings. Even if you’re only able to put a few quarters in a jar, it’s a step in the right direction and can add up faster than you think. Some of the financial gurus suggest that every time you cut an expense, allocate those exact dollars into savings. If you saved $10.00 on a purchase, consider putting $10.00 in your savings account. Making an express effort to pay attention to savings, no matter how marginal, can be a great New Year’s resolution with huge year-end results.

Gratitude and Kindness

It often doesn’t cost a dime to be nice. And most people wouldn’t argue that the world today could use a little more kindness. Consider doing your part by making an effort to extend acts of gratitude and compassion with everyone you can.

Gratitude for Family
You can make a resolution to stay connected to family in 2021. Even if you’re not able to visit in person, you can instead call, text, or have a virtual conversation. Reach out to someone you haven’t talked to in a while. Write a card to tell a parent how appreciative you are for the relationship. As you make efforts to stay connected, you’ll likely feel the emotional warmth of gratitude yourself.

Kindness at Work
It may be easy to be kind and friendly with family and friends. But work cohorts and acquaintances may require a little extra effort. Part of your kindness resolution initiative could include spreading compliments and affirmations at work. Over time, the more supportive you become, the better the working relationships become, as well. And management may take notice of your improved team approach, and bestow a few acts of kindness onto you, too.

Charitable Contributions
There are a lot of people these days who need help. Consider adding charitable contributions or volunteering to your list of New Year’s resolutions. Whether it’s donating your time at a local shelter during food service, or a canned good to a nearby church, any act of giving is warranted in today’s environment. And you’ll find yourself feeling fulfilled and enriched as you become more grateful for your own blessings as you help others less fortunate.

Health and Wellness

Instead of joining a gym that you’ll eventually stop visiting or investing in a home stair-climber that will end up being a place to hang your laundry, consider these tips for health and wellness resolutions. There are other ways to commit to a healthier lifestyle that don’t cost as much as workout equipment. And they’ll be easier to stick to in 2021.

Try New Foods Every Week
Instead of fad diets that are nearly impossible to stick with for the long term, consider adding variety to your meals instead. Commit to one new meal every week, where you sample a new food or try a new recipe. As you explore new meal options, you’ll break out of that drive-thru habit and maybe even begin to incorporate new veggies to the dinner table.

Drink More Water
You know the importance and benefits of drinking water daily. But maybe for this New Year’s resolution, you can commit to carrying a water bottle and sticking to it. Adding an extra eight ounces of water to your daily routine can present a host of health benefits. And as you begin to feel more hydrated, you might be inspired to make other healthy changes too.

Book Your Annual Check-Ups Today
It’s easy to lose track of when you’re supposed to get into the doctor’s office for your physical or routine scan. Consider making a commitment to booking those preventive care appointments first thing in 2021. You can call in to schedule your mammograms, colonoscopies, or just routine physicals and get them on the calendar before you have a chance to forget. And considering most insurance plans purchased on the Marketplace begin coverage on January 1st, you can use that time to update your insurance information with your healthcare providers. And it likely won’t cost a dime for preventive care appointments per the Affordable Care Act guidelines for health insurance.

Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself that are unattainable. Instead, consider these New Year’s resolutions and incorporate them in small steps. And if you need help understanding your Marketplace insurance options, browse with W3LL.

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