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We’re halfway through summer already, and you might still be feeling like you’re in recovery mode from the events of last year. If you’re feeling tired, burnt out, run-down, or slightly depressed, this one’s for you. Today’s the day you can turn things around in terms of your overall health and wellbeing. And the good news is, you don’t really have to embark on some overwhelming makeover effort either. Instead, boost your wellbeing and health in these three areas by doing a few small things that can add up quickly to make a big difference in how you feel.

1. Physical Health & Wellness

Before you can make any wellness decisions about what you think you need to change, it’s usually best to start making small improvements to physical health first. Your body is a machine that requires maintenance, fuel, and rest. Start with changing how you treat your body and start seeing long-lasting improvements to your overall wellbeing.


Regular exercise doesn’t have to involve hours of sweating in the gym. To really improve your overall wellbeing, just dedicating spare time to walking or taking the stairs can be a great first start. Step and heart rate trackers can be helpful for you to be mindful of your exertion efforts, too. Consider focusing on weekly goals for walking, jogging, yoga, or bike riding and make improvements where you can.


Don’t think of diets as the fads that come with terrible food restrictions or point counting. Instead, look for ways to make incremental changes in how you eat. Find a new healthier snack to keep on hand for cravings. Replace one of your soft drinks with a flavored water. Order the chicken salad instead of the pasta. Small decisions can lead to ongoing lifestyle changes that can have a significant effect on your diet.


Make sure you’re getting enough sleep. The experts suggest six to eight hours of uninterrupted rest each night is ideal. And if you have to pull an all-nighter, allow yourself time to nap. A well-rested body will translate to a clear mind, allowing you to focus and channel renewed daily energy to tackle your to-do lists.

2. Mindfulness & Emotional Health

Taking care of your body is only half the challenge when it comes to wellbeing. Be mindful of your emotional and psychological health, as well. Being productive in your work, family, and social life will entirely depend on your mentality. And after such a tough year, you could probably benefit from a few of these mindfulness health efforts.

Taking Breaks

Come up for air and breathe from time to time. People can get lost in being busy, and it’s easy to spend hours falling down the rabbit hole of working too hard. Set reminders for yourself throughout your day to take designated breaks. Step away from the screens, even if only for ten minutes. Get up from your office chair, stretch, and walk around. And for those who feel they’re constantly on the go, a break might be time to sit down for a minute. Whatever your break looks like, make sure you take them.

Vacation Time

Millions of Americans are venturing out this summer for vacation. And you might just need a change of scenery to improve your wellbeing. You certainly don’t have to spend thousands on flights to exotic beaches to reap the benefits of a vacation, either. Take a weekend road trip to a nature park. Go camping. Book a few nights at a hotel to enjoy the pool and spa. Getting out of your routine can be just the breather you need to reset your mental and physical self.

Exploring Hobbies

If your routine seems to be weighing you down mentally, consider spending more time with a hobby. If you don’t have a hobby, just the dedicated time you take to exploring new hobbies can offer benefits. If you like to be outdoors, maybe spend time in a garden or go fishing. If you have always found peace with crafts, hop on Pinterest and find new ideas to tap into your creative side. Hobbies can be great escapes from the mundane daily grind. And devoting time to a hobby can be the mental boost you need.

3. Preventive Care for Yourself & Your Family

When you think about your health and wellbeing, it’s equally important to take advantage of preventive health measures. Avoid serious complications or health conditions later by staying on top of your health while you’re healthy. Science has made it possible for healthcare providers to help you predict and prevent certain risks.

Routine Physician Appointments

Make and keep those routine physicals and doctors’ appointments. You might be inclined to skip these, especially if you feel perfectly healthy. But these visits are critical in helping you manage your overall health and wellbeing before you face health challenges. An annual conversation with your physician can also be helpful in your efforts to improve exercise, diet, and mental health.

Safety Routines

Your wellbeing is also directly affected by your ability to live safely. Safety routines are vital to preventing accidents and reducing overall risks. Wearing your seatbelt, keeping the hand sanitizer handy, and protective eyewear when you’re operating yard equipment can all help reduce your risks. You don’t have to engulf yourself in bubble wrap or live in a hazmat suit. But small safety routines throughout your life can have a significant impact on your overall health.

Health Insurance Coverage

It will be easier to prioritize your health and wellbeing if you have affordable health insurance coverage. Today’s insurance providers are required to cover certain benefits and expenses associated with preventive care and routine healthcare initiatives. Take the time to explore your current health insurance plan to identify what wellbeing perks you might have at your disposal.

Take advantage of these few suggestions to help you boost your overall wellbeing this summer. And if you need help diving into your health insurance options within the marketplace, let W3LL help! Browse today and see if you qualify for a better plan.


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