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Below are some common questions about ICHRA.


FAQ Associations

Depending on the service level, there can be no or minimal costs for marketing efforts. We will work with your organization to determine the best fitting solution, ranging from the standard W3LL services to a custom-built, white-labeled platform. Ultimately the value delivered to your members will be a net gain for your organization.

There are no added service or broker fees to your members. W3LL‘s platform experience is provided at no extra cost to individuals or organizations. Upon enrollment, the insurance provider pays W3LL a commission rate. By law, these rates cannot affect how we display or recommend plans. Our mission is to help your members find the best possible plan for their needs. W3LL delivers the best unbiased expert advice for plans

W3LL supports your members throughout the entire process from shopping to enrollment. We take pride in offering an intuitive, easy-to-use, shopping platform. For those needing extra help, we offer click-to-chat and call-in options to speak with licensed brokers. After a member enrolls in a plan, all communication is direct to the plan/service provider. If a member needs additional help, we assist in connecting them to the best resource point.


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