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Easily Provide Health Insurance and Reduce the Administrative Burden

Gone are the days of costly group health insurance plans that come with annual premium increases. Say hello to an easier way of offering health insurance to all of your employees – full- and part-time, seasonal, and temporary. W3LL has the health insurance solution that allows you to control the costs while your employees continue to see the providers they trust.

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Have you heard about ICHRA?

Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement is a type of HRA that is a game-changer for employers looking to provide health benefits to their employees. It represents a more flexible and personalized model of employer-sponsored health insurance.

ICHRA (pronounced “ick-rah”)  can be customized and designed to achieve your desired goals.

  • Offer different rates of reimbursement for full-time vs part-time employees, single vs. family employees
  • Choose from eleven different classes that divide your employees into different benefit levels.
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With W3LL, you can:

Control costs to minimize risk

Enjoy added flexibility & simplicity

Expand your staff benefits

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