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Employer Coverage Reimagined

ICHRA is changing the way employers think about insurance

How Does ICHRA Really Work?

There is a lot of complicated information out there so we took the time to break it into simple steps

Defining Employee Classes

ICHRA allows employers to offer different coverage amounts to different employee classes. For example, employees in your main coverage area may stay on the traditional group plan but remote employees can receive an ICHRA.

It’s up to you and your client to determine what set up works best for them and their staff. Remember, not all classes need to be utilized, just what makes sense for you and your client.

Define the Contributions

Once the classes are defined, employers get to decide how much they want to offer the different classes each month.

Employers can offer more for family size or the age of the employee. This is the part that really allows the employer to control their costs year over year.

Upload Employee Roster

With your help, employers then add their employee roster either one at a time or by uploading a spreadsheet using a template that we provide.

Once the employees are added, you get the opportunity to review the roster and confirm the information is accurate, including what class the employee is assigned to and their contribution amount.

Review Affordability

This is the best part. You finally get to see how much your employers will save compared to their current insurance costs. Be prepared for excited reactions.

Employers will also see which of their employees will receive an ‘affordable’ contribution based on their contribution design in the previous steps. To meet the ACA Employer Mandate, coverage must be considered ‘affordable’ for 95% of full-time employees and their dependents.

Notify Employees

Employees must be notified 90 days before the transition from their existing benefit structure (if any) to the ICHRA.

W3LL will help provide the legally required documentation and initial communications about the ICHRA to employees.

For many employees, shopping for insurance on their own will be a new experience. There will likely be some questions about what to look for when shopping for insurance.

Employees Shop & Enroll

Employees come to your custom W3LL shopping platform to enroll in their preferred plan, and you get the credit.

W3LL’s shopping platform helps employees determine if they should utlize the ICHRA from their employer or use the APTC, then provides an easy to use and understand shopping experience.

Employees Submit Expenses

Once employees have enrolled and paid for their insurance, they submit their receipts for reimbursement. Employees must pay their premium or other allowable expenses before receiving the reimbursement.

Some employees will not use the whole contribution, this is another opportunity for cost savings for the employer.

Employer Reimburses Expenses

Once receipts are received, the employer or a third party administrator reviews the receipts and confirms that they are submissible.

Employees are then reimbursed for their expenses that are covered by their ICHRA contribution.

Small Groups

Entrepreneurs like Ellie often struggle to retain talent and compete with bigger organizations. Until ICHRA. Now Ellie can afford to offer health insurance to her employees when it wasn’t a reality before.

Larger Groups

Employers of all shapes, colors, sizes, and industries will love ICHRA. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Controllable and projectable costs year over year
  • Many benefit from an immediate cost savings
  • Flexible to fit unique needs
  • Employees have more options and can switch each year if their needs change
  • No longer responsible for administering health insurance
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There are a lot of reasons both group and individual brokers benefit from selling ICHRA to their clients:

  • Expand your book of business to include small employers or fully remote companies
  • Increase your business with your existing clients
  • Increase client retention as costs stay the same
  • No annual shopping when employers want better coverage or to reduce their costs

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