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Spring can be a sign of change and renewal. It’s that special time of year when people open their windows, do a little spring cleaning, and fire up the air conditioner. And while mother nature brings green back to the landscapes, you can also use this period of renewal as a reminder to look at your health insurance. Yes, your health insurance plan could use a pulse check this time of year. Today, we’ll tell you why you should rethink your health insurance renewals now, instead of waiting until August or later this fall.

Performing Your Health Insurance’s Annual Checkup

Much like you perform seasonal maintenance on your thermostat and air conditioner, your health insurance plan needs a checkup, too. Whether you selected an entirely new plan for 2021 or opted for an automatic re-enrollment, now is a great time to take a harder look at your coverage. Thinking about your renewal later, or at the last minute, could have you missing valuable insights that you can easily spot today.

How Is Your Current Plan Working for You?

Now that we’re already a few months into 2021, take a look at how your current health insurance plan is working for you and your family. Are the coverages for services as predictable as you once thought? Are your healthcare providers in-network as previously listed? Look at what the first few months of healthcare needs you’ve had. And then evaluate your current plan’s coverage to make sure it’s still a good fit.

Are There Special Enrollment Periods Open to You?

There is a special enrollment period happening right now for everyone as part of the President’s plan to offer pandemic relief. There are still premium tax credits and benefits available, even if you’ve already selected a plan for this year. Take another peek today and see if there are better subsidies available or more advantageous plans.

Is Your Current Coverage Still Affordable?

What was affordable for you in December of last year may no longer be affordable to you now. Take some dedicated time to sit down with your income and expenses. Make sure your current premiums for health insurance still make sense to your budget. And if you feel your plan is no longer affordable, you can browse the Marketplace for additional and more affordable options.

Predicting New Healthcare Needs

Another key benefit of thinking about your health insurance renewal right now is predicting future healthcare needs. Take this time to reflect on claims you’ve submitted so far and look to identify any much-needed upcoming healthcare services. You’ll want to make sure your current plan is primed to cover those impending needs.

Do You Anticipate Upcoming Procedures?

Maybe while you were out trimming the hedges in your yard, you strained your shoulder. A visit to your general practitioner suggests you might need to see a specialist about your rotator cuff. Now is the time to check your current health insurance plan to verify coverage of your upcoming need for scans, specialist visits, or even surgery. Consider other members of your family’s needs, too. Your daughter’s return to youth sports might have sprung a minor knee injury. Or your wife’s past-due mammogram is coming up in the next few weeks. Do your best to predict your needs and then verify that your plan will cover these services affordably.

Do You Have a New Diagnosis?

Millions of Americans were forced to postpone routine visits and healthcare services last year. Many of those people started venturing back to their past-due appointments this year. If you or someone covered under your plan has a new diagnosis to contend with, your insurance needs may change accordingly. Maybe someone has developed an allergy or has a new asthma diagnosis. Or at the more serious end of the diagnosis spectrum, cancer screenings can provide new findings. Whether you have a new diabetes concern or it’s time for your colonoscopy, you’ll need to verify your current plan will cover what lies ahead.

Are Your Healthcare Providers Changing?

Doctors, pediatricians, and specialists often move between hospital organizations. They also retire or take leaves of absence. If your network of healthcare providers is changing, you’ll need to double-check your current insurance plan for in-network requirements. Seeing new providers who fall outside of some plan parameters will result in higher out-of-pocket costs.

Taking Advantage of Every Last Benefit

Don’t wait until August to review your current plan to see if you’re leveraging every available benefit. Many health insurance plans offer additional services beyond the traditional emergency room coverage or annual physical. Squeeze every advantage you can out of the plan you’re paying for now. And evaluate what you have to help guide your insurance selection process in the future.

Is Your Current Plan Offering Benefits You’re Not Using?

Many health insurance plans offer patient dashboards with other free services. Do you or someone in your household need help with smoking cessation? Your plan might have free resources to help. Some plans offer gym membership discounts or patient care follow-up help, too. Evaluate what your plan offers and make use of those services you find valuable.

Are You Scheduling Every Preventive Care Appointment?

You don’t just have insurance to cover accidents and emergencies. Many preventive care services won’t cost you a dime and are worth scheduling. We’re already a few months into the year, and you should take advantage of any opportunity to schedule annual physicals and checkups. Some routine scans are also included in this roster of no-charge benefits, as are some lab services.

Do You Understand the Benefits You Have?

For many Americans, the idea of missing enrollment deadlines had them rushing to select plans in the moment without necessarily reading the fine print. Thinking about your health insurance renewal now means taking the time you need to understand every benefit you have with your current plan. You can itemize those benefits that matter and separate others that don’t necessarily apply to you.

Spring is a time for nature’s annual renewal, and in this case, time to also rethink your health insurance renewal. Stay on top of your current plan offerings and know when it’s time to explore new plans. If you’re not sure if you’ve selected the right plan, let W3LL help you look into additional options. Browse today to see what other plans might be available that better suit your needs.


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