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If you’re facing a move to a new home, knowing what to put on your to-do list is critical. But when that move has you crossing state lines, the details and the process can present a host of unique challenges. To prepare yourself and your checklist, there are a few steps to prioritize before you even begin packing those boxes. Moving to a new state may mean having to re-establish your life in a new environment and community entirely. Here are three essential areas to consider first

Finding a New Job

Moving to a new state can, in a way, mean starting over. You’ll arrive at your new home or apartment and already have bills to pay. So, one of the many first steps you’ll want to consider taking now is exploring and finding a new job in your new state. As you search the job boards, be prepared to submit your updated resume, and present the hiring managers with your timeline to relocate to the area.

Researching the New Market for Opportunities
You can begin your search by looking for jobs similar to the one you have now. The online job boards can be overwhelming to navigate. But don’t be afraid to jump into some of the larger platforms, like or Update your social media and LinkedIn profile, as well to let your connections know you’re looking for a new opportunity in another state. In addition to posted job openings, consider looking up the new community’s major employers and send your resume, whether they’re hiring or not.

Being Available for Interviews
As you make connections with new potential career paths, you must follow through with availability. Prioritize time for calls or video conversations with hiring managers or recruiters. Prepare for these much like you would for in-person interviews. Dress the part and get comfortable explaining your on-the-job experience. Prepare your questions about the role and the company, too. If you’re feeling nervous, practice, or role-play with a friend or family member first.

Being Mindful of Commutes & Transportation
Don’t forget to understand where the job openings are located. If you’re moving to a new state that you’re unfamiliar with, daily commutes and transportation can become a challenge. Make sure you take the extra time to learn about the area. Larger metropolitan areas will offer plenty of public transportation options. But moving to a suburb or more rurally located market will mean you should prepare for a commute.

Finding an Ideal Place to Live

Finalizing where you’ll land once you get there is another top priority when planning a move. You don’t want to find yourself pulling into town without a plan. And you don’t want to spend a few nights in your vehicle or at a hotel because you mismanaged your timeline. You can be making arrangements now to search and secure your new home before you even buy the packing tape.

Finding Your Home in a New State
Depending on your financial position, you can begin your search with online listing sites or local real estate brokers. If you’re open to renting, you can find upcoming vacancies with property management companies in the new market, as well. Look for social media groups within your new city and consider asking for referrals and contacts to help you get started with local resources.

Understanding Your Budget
You don’t want to overextend yourself and make arrangements for a new home that ends up costing more than you can afford. Before you begin your search, take an inventory of your current income and budget. There are rent calculators available to help you crunch the numbers. Some suggest setting aside 30% of your income for housing, leaving yourself with 70% to manage additional living expenses and extras. If you don’t have a new job opportunity lined up just yet, you can ballpark based on what savings you might have stockpiled, to determine what you can handle. The finance gurus always insist a goal should be to keep several month’s worth of expenses in savings as a safety net. Don’t base your budget on what your life is like now, either. The cost of living varies by state, region, and city, and you’ll want to be prepared financially to adjust.

Being Flexible Presents the Most Options
As you hunt for the perfect place to live, remember to be flexible. You may find more value in finding an apartment in a suburb instead of the big city. It might be nice to find a place with a two-car garage, but maybe a one-car carport will do. Your intention could be to purchase a home in your new state. But if the right house doesn’t become available, you can move ahead as planned with a condo or rental property temporarily, to give yourself more time before buying.

Choosing New Insurance & Health Providers

Moving to a new state means you’ll say goodbye to those providers you currently enjoy. Take time before you start packing to research your new market. You can browse, compare, and arrange for new points of care before you hit the road.

Selecting a New Doctors, Dentists, & Providers
Consider first contacting your existing providers, including your doctor’s or dentist’s offices, to ask for potential referrals. You can also browse online reviews for medical professionals in the new city and make calls now to ensure they’re accepting new patients. While medical and healthcare professionals are the priority, you may also want to use this time to search for hair care, auto mechanics, or your new favorite gym.

Transferring Existing Records
Once you have identified new providers, you’ll want to take the necessary steps to transfer any existing records to your new provider. Allow enough time to submit any required authorization forms now, so your healthcare providers can begin the process of releasing your sensitive documents. Any memberships that are transferable to new locations in your new city may also need to be updated.

Browsing, Comparing & Buying New Insurance Plans
You understand that planning a move is a daunting undertaking. But it’s also considered a qualifying life event for many insurance providers. Moving to a new state may allow you to re-evaluate your current coverage and browse for new and, in many cases, better providers in your new locale. As you choose your new providers, you can coordinate with potential new plans, to ensure you’re lining up in-network synchronization.

If you’re facing a move to a new state, now is the time to prepare for those most important changes. Browse with us today to explore your insurance coverage options, discover personally tailored options, and receive expert shopping guidance. Having realistic expectations and planning ahead can help streamline the moving process and ensure you’re starting life off on the right foot in your new state.

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