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The winter blues are a real thing, and given the year we’ve all had, it’s definitely time to shake off the old routines and start fresh. One way to help your mind and body is to wake up early. Setting the alarm clock for an early-to-rise time can put your day on an upward trajectory that can have countless benefits in your life. Today, we’ll look at three key benefits of getting an early start to your day. And waking up a little earlier might be just the push you need to explore other healthy routines in your life.

Productivity Benefits

When you’re pressured to get things done, you can feel the effects of the added stress. And when it comes to accomplishing all of your daily goals, and the pace at which you tackle those to-do lists matters. Getting an early start to even the most hectic day can boost your productivity at home, at work, and in life. Everyone’s definition of early can be different. But generally, working your alarm clock back slowly, maybe a half-hour at a time will help you transition to getting that extra hour or two in the morning.

Staying Ahead of the Curve
On those mornings that you accidentally oversleep, the whole day seems to run behind. It’s also those hurried mornings that tend to lead to other setbacks, like losing your keys or forgetting something. Then you might find yourself speeding to get to work on time, which can lead to getting pulled over. Getting a late start on your day might mean you skip breakfast, too. It’s this constant state of being behind that can be avoided when you’re able to get an early start on the day. Having that extra time means you can tackle those unknown hiccups throughout the day without feeling rushed.

Better Organization
Committing to an early-to-rise schedule can help you stay organized. Planning for an early start can also allow you to plan your agenda. Tackle your to-do lists in tandem by setting an ongoing schedule for yourself. You can stick to your morning regimen and be motivated to plan for the duration of the day.

Increased Energy
Sometimes, not paying attention to your sleep schedule can leave you feeling tired and worn. If you’re experiencing more than one of those rushed days each week, the mental stress of feeling behind can wear on your energy level, too. Getting an early start to your day and keeping with your schedule can help you keep an eye on your sleep habits. You’ll be less likely to stay up super late, knowing you have a 5:00 AM or 6:00 AM wake-up time.

General Health Benefits

Believe it or not, setting your alarm a little earlier has health benefits. As you transition to an earlier start to your morning, you’ll notice a host of changes in your health. And while not everyone can expect all of these health pattern changes, most benefits will present within your first week of committing to an early morning.

The Body’s Reset Button
Staying up late or sleeping well into mid-morning can wreak havoc on your body. You might begin to feel achy or sluggish with an inconsistent rest pattern. When you work on scheduling an early morning yourself, you’ll start to notice improvements in how you feel. Sticking to a regular sleep schedule will allow your body to hit its reset button each night.

Leads to Healthier Eating Habits
Getting up early means you’ll always have plenty of time to have breakfast. And as you know, it may just be the most important meal of the day. Feeding your body in the morning will lead to a regular schedule of eating and can help you avoid meal skipping and over-eating that often comes with running behind or getting up late.

Provides More Time to Exercise
There is a lot you can do with that extra hour in the morning. Many use it to add an exercise routine to their schedule. This, of course, has a host of health benefits and can help you feel energized throughout the day. You don’t have to jump directly into an aerobic workout to see positive effects, either. Starting with morning stretches or yoga before your cup of coffee can be helpful, as well.

Mental & Emotional Benefits

In addition to your productivity and physical health improvements from getting up early, there are plenty of mental and emotional benefits. Preparing for an early start to your day can help you stay focused and be healthy for your brain function and emotional peace. Just using that extra 30 minutes in the morning to clear your mind can be incredibly helpful with your focus and mental energy.

Feeling Prepared
Getting up earlier, even if it’s only an hour ahead of your normal schedule, can allow you to start your day in a position of feeling prepared and empowered. Being ahead of the curve will eliminate any stress associated with running late, feelings that you’re forgetting something, or pressures with time crunches. Feeling prepared often leads to actually being prepared, and you’ll probably be less likely to make mistakes or forget things, too.

Renewed Positive Outlook
Setting the alarm earlier and sticking to an early morning schedule can translate to a renewed positive outlook. Mentally, you’ll feel in control of your day, despite the normal and unexpected setbacks that often arise with work and family. Setting the pace for yourself and allowing yourself enough time will have you feeling more optimistic. And this positive range of sentiments will be contagious to others around you.

Managed Expectations
During those times that you feel rushed, stressed, or behind, it’s usually because you didn’t have a good handle on expectations for the day. You might feel like the world is throwing all of the curveballs at you unexpectedly, tripping up your mental compass. Getting an early start to your day won’t eliminate those unknown circumstances. But it can help you set and manage certain expectations of how your day will go and the pace at which you embrace it. You won’t be able to control morning traffic, for example. However, getting up early can allow you time to prepare for that traffic without wasting time. You can’t control one of your kids getting sick with the flu. But you can be mentally and physically prepared to adjust your schedule in a way that allows you to be a home nurse and still accomplish your tasks for the day.

If you’re struggling to find a normal routine for yourself this year, consider starting your day a little earlier. Just setting the alarm clock early enough for you to relieve some of the pressures can be just the boost needed to feel in control, more productive, and healthier. With this extra time in your day, you can also schedule those preventive health appointments with your healthcare providers. And remember, when you need help with health insurance options or the marketplace, W3LL is here to help. And you can use that extra hour in the morning to find affordable health insurance plans.


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