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Ready to take enrolling and retaining clients to the next level? Scale current operations by investing in technology designed to save brokers’ resources while improving the client experience.

1. Build a Centralized Book of Business

Collecting member information on a secure platform prevents any data redundancy and holds a single, accurate source of truth.

As the health insurance industry continues to grow, brokers are getting an even bigger piece of the pie. The growth of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplace and group insurance alternatives means brokers must be ready to diversify their client base.

From individuals, to groups, to Medicaid recipients, brokers do it all while juggling clients moving between the three. Investing in a platform that allows brokers to centralize their book of business gives a simple solution for managing clients from different programs.

Automatically adding client information to an electronic book of business helps brokers keep track of and retain their clients.

Having a way to store client information that integrates with core processes takes the manual work out of tracking clients. A simple search should allow brokers to access a client’s entire profile. When responsible for the coverage of thousands of people, brokers need a way of streamlining communication.

Through a snapshot of their client base, brokers can easily identify clients who may need additional outreach.

2. Automate Client Outreach While Leaving Room for Personalization

Personalized and frequent messaging does not have to be a massive undertaking for brokers. Investing in automation and system flexibility would allow brokers to scale their communication efforts without coming off as robotic.

Automated Noticing

Consider developing an automated communication strategy designed to keep brokers connected to clients with minimal effort. Personalized fields and an integrated member dashboard will help brokers scale messaging.

For example, an integrated quote tool ensures brokers are linked to enrollments. Quotes sent to prospects through an integrated platform can lead to speedy enrollments.

Custom business rules will improve communication throughout the client journey. For example, whenever a client enrolled in the Marketplace reports a change of address, a notice about next steps can be sent. This allows for more member touchpoints without brokers having to lift a finger.

Establish a stockpile of standard notice templates to automatically send clients.

Notice Personalization

Building a strong relationship with members can increase retention rates; however, cookie-cutter messaging and inconsistency when it comes to member communication can cause more harm than good.

Pair automated templates with personalized fields for easy custom messaging. The more client-specific information included in the messaging, the stronger the broker-client relationship grows.

Common notice personalization fields include:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Current Rate
  • Past Rate
  • Number of Dependents
  • Time Enrolled
  • Next Steps
  • Broker URL

Birthdays, job changes, and moves are all things brokers can celebrate with clients. Linking notice generation with member data means these fun member touchpoints can also be automated.

3. Integrate with an Analytics Dashboard

A reporting solution integrated with a broker’s book of business allows for an overview of the entire client base. Brokers can identify trends to help improve their offerings.

For example, noting that a specific type of member is likely to term allows brokers to target and begin outreach.

To get the most out of their technology, brokers need a central reporting platform. Investing in automated services should always lead to increases in enrollments and retention rates. If it’s not, brokers need to know.

Reporting solutions inform next steps by depicting current pain points. If 30% of potential clients are dropping off during the enrollment process, something needs to change. It might be as simple as updating enrollment messaging and communicating more with clients, but a broker would never know this if they don’t have access to key client insights.

Keep in mind a customer-first philosophy when investing in new tools. The more control brokers have over the shopping and enrollment process, the more communication and guidance can be tailored to the client.

Brokers needing to expand their reach and member support should look towards W3LL. Reach out to learn more about our Broker Portal and how we can help streamline how you manage your business.