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With the pandemic conditions of the past year, and countless people seeing a reduction in pay, the need for more household income has become a reality for millions. If you’re in this camp, you might be able to tap into one of these 30 popular side hustles to earn a little extra cash.

1. Join the Grocery Delivery Movement

With people looking for ways to avoid crowded supermarkets, the grocery delivery service has boomed. Sign up with one of the various apps, like Instacart, and earn a little extra with grocery runs.

2. Start a Blog

Maybe start a blog. And with free and inexpensive blog sites to start with, you can flex your entertainment muscle by creating content people love. Popular blogs earn significant cash on the side.

3. Drive for Uber or Lyft

Consider signing up as a rideshare driver. Using your own car, when and where you wish, can be the side hustle worth exploring.

4. Neighborhood Dog Walking

Some people live in a neighborhood of dog lovers. With convenient apps online or just a few quick social media blasts, you could have a few dog-walking clients lined up in no time.

5. Furniture Flipping for Cash

As a means to make ends meet, people are selling their items online. Check the listing sites and look for furniture that you could possibly clean up and resell. Furniture flipping can be lucrative, even if you only sell a few pieces each month.

6. Become an eBay Retailer

With everyone looking to liquidate their things, you could have an opportunity to list those things on eBay for them, for a percentage. If you’re familiar with eBay, it can be a quick side hustle for extra income.

7. Tutoring

If you have a particular knack in a niche industry or subject matter, consider exploring tutoring options. There are some tutoring platforms online and job listings for companies who want online specialists to offer tutoring services. You can also connect with local schools, offering your services and specialties.

8. Freelance Writing

There are a host of freelance writing opportunities across literally thousands of industries. You don’t have to be a word-wizard with helpful tools like to keep your punctuation polished, either. Local businesses may need help with blogs or writing up web content, too.

9. Cashback Apps & Surveys

Some survey apps send you down a rabbit hole of ads and spam email. But, there are a few cashback apps and survey opportunities that can turn into real cash, like Receipt Hog.

10. Create Your Own Consulting Service

Many furloughed Americans have started using their forte in a particular business segment to branch out and offer their expertise as a consultant. Consider extending your knowledge, in a consultative way, to area businesses or industries.

11. Become a Personal Shopper or Errand Runner

A lot of people are still homebound, especially the elderly. Consider offering yourself as a personal shopper or errand-runner. Picking up a prescription or refilling water coolers can turn into quick cash.

12. Transcribing for Cash

There are a few transcribing sites out there looking to pay people to listen to audio files and type up text. Many allow you to work your own schedule, making these types of gigs incredibly efficient side hustles.

13. Rent Out Your Car

Offer up your car to the public and charge a rate for local use. It’s a great way to earn a little extra money when you’re not driving yourself.

14. Rent Out Your Extra Room

People are looking for ways to take a vacation without lofty hotel stays. If you live in an area full of local attractions, renting out a room or second home can be easy income.

15. House Sitting

Instead of sitting around your house not making money, you could be sitting around someone else’s house, charging a fee. House sitting is a great side gig that allows you to bring in a little income, even when you have nothing to do.

16. Babysitting

Anyone great with kids can explore babysitting options. A simple social media post offering your time can be all it takes to find a few ongoing sitting jobs. But apps like can also help find local childcare opportunities.

17. Help a Business with Social Media

Do you have social media sense? Consider reaching out online to small businesses and offer to manage their social media pages for them, for a fee, of course.

18. Teach English Online

If English is your primary language, there are a few opportunities online to teach it! And if you speak another language, there are just as many jobs looking for bilingual personnel to help facilitate online meetings, tutoring, or in general.

19. House Cleaning Services

Cleaning your own house isn’t fun, in part because you do it for free. Offer up your house cleaning services to others and charge a fair price to scrub someone else’s toilet. It’s the kind of side hustle that could turn into a full-time gig if you’re not careful.

20. Write an eBook

Use your free time to write your eBook. Putting your knowledge to the keyboard can translate into book sales! And self-publishing online is a much easier way to get your works to the public without jumping through traditional publisher hoops.

21. Lawn Mowing & Landscaping

Spring and summer also mean it’s time for homeowners to bust out the lawnmower. Offer up your landscaping services and lawnmowing help now to secure yards and jobs all summer long.

22. Gutter Cleaning

Cleaning gutters is a task no one enjoys. It can be especially dangerous for anyone who’s not stable on a ladder, too. Consider blasting social media with a gutter cleaning service and flat rate. In a few weekends, you could have a serious pile of extra income.

23. Buy & Sell Cars

If you have a little extra money sitting around or want to explore something creative with your stimulus check or tax refund, consider flipping cars. Anyone with automotive knowledge can identify a good deal online. Buy a used car, fix it up or replace a few components, and voila, you can sell it for a profit.

24. Rent Out Your Pool

Summers get hot, and if you have a pool, you also have an opportunity. Consider renting out your pool as a venue for private swim lessons or to families who may not want to brave the public pool scene.

25. Part-Time Job Opportunities

Hit the job boards and look for part-time employment opportunities this summer. Many employers like nurseries, greenhouses, or country clubs need help outside with maintenance or general desk work.

26. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you’re organized to a fault and like to have everything administrative under control, you’d likely make a great virtual assistant. Browse online for virtual assistant positions and earn a little extra.

27. Freelance Accounting for Tax Season

It’s tax season. So if you have a CPA title or accounting experience, you might be able to offer your services to help people organize their tax filings this year.

28. Offer Handyperson Services

People need help hanging ceiling fans, new doors, and installing electronics. Consider offering your savvy handyperson services and get a few extra bucks in tips, too!

29. Craigslist Gig Opportunities

Craigslist has a gig opportunities section, specifically for postings for one-time jobs. Keep checking back and apply for any quick weekend or 1-day gigs that pay.

30. Be a Tech Helper

IT wizards have an opportunity to help in almost any tech-related scenario. Consider offering your knowledge and expertise to help the average PC user with malware, hard drive space, or general IT equipment setup.

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