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As an employer, one of your key missions is to ensure the success, growth, and well-being of those who work for you. Businesses often incorporate a wide range of benefits and perks to encourage their teams. And while you might rely on your Human Resources professionals to bring new ideas and manage those offerings, it doesn’t hurt to consider a little outside help, too. In fact, W3LL brings an entire menu of employee-related benefits to companies just like yours. Today, we’ll outline three ways a partnership with us can help promote your employees’ growth, wellness, and performance success.

1. How W3LL Compares to

W3LL is a trusted partner of the Marketplace and, which means we offer the same health insurance plans and pricing that your employees would find there directly. But encouraging your teams to work through W3LL means they can also leverage a few of our key benefits. As an employer, you can make these perks available to your staff to promote savings and enrollment support as they explore individual health coverage options. By supporting them in their enrollment efforts, you’ll be demonstrating the value you place on their ability to manage their health insurance and wellness.

W3LL Is Free to Individuals

Browsing the various Marketplace health plans with W3LL is 100% free. Our site is streamlined in such a way that the individuals can easily sort through the various benefits and costs to find the best coverage. There is no jargon to contend with or fine print. Encourage your employees, who might need to secure their own health insurance, separate from a group plan, to explore the Marketplace options with W3LL.

Support Tools They Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Marketplace plans are more affordable because of available premium tax credits. And one of the most confusing steps in the enrollment process is trying to figure out eligibility for those savings. W3LL can help with those calculations in as little as ten seconds. Individuals can use a variety of tools they won’t find on to help them cut through the noise to find discounts and compare plans clearly.

Health Insurance Enrollment Made Easy

Browsing isn’t all you can do with W3LL. As a trusted and secure partner with, W3LL can help individuals take the next step to enroll, as well. Whether your employees are securing coverage to qualify for your company ICHRA or exploring options as part of a Special Enrollment Period, W3LL can walk them through the entire process.

2. W3LL Is a Trusted ICHRA Partner

To really help your employees grow and empower them with flexibility, you can choose to give them the best tools for the job. If your company is setting up a structured Individual Coverage Health Reimbursement Arrangement (ICHRA,) you’ll benefit from the added support and expertise from the W3LL team. Remove the administrative burdens associated with setting up your ICHRA platform and reimbursement policies. Let W3LL be the third-party administrator to help your employees realize every available benefit under your ICHRA plan.

Helping Employees with Ongoing Reimbursement Support

As an ICHRA third-party administrator partner, W3LL support staff is available ongoing to answer questions and respond to issues. Your teams may be new to the concept of reimbursements and will likely have questions about what constitutes a reimbursable expense. W3LL can help inform your employees of all the available benefits and extras, including any prescription, dental, vision, and monthly health insurance premium reimbursements that apply. Empowering your teams to take control of their health and finances will foster an environment of value and well-being initiatives.

Keeping a Finger on the Pulse of Value in Employee Participation

W3LL is also instrumental in managing employee participation trends in a company-sponsored ICHRA. Collecting and analyzing the opt-in data can help you, as an employer, stay on top of what services your teams value most. You can then amend your benefits to promote a more supportive experience. And W3LL maintains relevant data according to CMS guidelines, and up to ten years, meaning you’ll have long-term analytics to use in future ICHRA customizations.

Encouraging Preventive Care

With an ICHRA platform, your employees will have to secure their own individual health insurance. And every plan available on the Marketplace is required to offer certain essential benefits, including preventive care health services. Employees will be more likely to schedule those routine doctor visits, check-ups, and scans, knowing they won’t be responsible for payment. And keeping your teams healthy in a preventive capacity can ensure they continue to be productive members of your organization.

3. W3LL As a White Label Association Partner

If your organization operates as more of an association, you’ll want to look for ways to offer key benefits and support to members. And W3LL can be the trusted partner in a white label capacity. To help you harness the convenient, one-stop shopping experience for health insurance enrollment, explore collaboration with W3LL.

All Enrollment Needs in One Convenient Dashboard

Offer member support in their efforts to find and enroll in health insurance plans with W3LL. They trust you to provide guidance and resources. You can trust W3LL to deliver the convenient entry point into shopping and enrolling in Marketplace health insurance plans. Customize the dashboard to allow members to choose between on and off-exchange plans, Medicare plans, vision, dental, and more.

The No-Risk Way to Offer Options

Your association can enjoy flexible, customized solutions in a white-label capacity, with no risk to the organization or the members. Multiple products are available, and W3LL professionals can assist members as they navigate. Choose between a series of white-label solutions from standard platforms to completely custom-built variations. And while the costs associated with setup will vary, the value of this service to your association’s members translates to significant gains.

No Cost to Members

The added benefit of working with W3LL as an association partner and white-label broker is that there will never be any service fees, broker fees, or hidden costs to your members. Upon enrollment into a specific health insurance plan, it’s the insurance provider that covers our costs, not your members. And this levels the playing field since the law dictates we deliver unbiased expert advice in conjunction with Marketplace plans.

If you’re ready to explore the countless benefits of partnering with W3LL, contact us today! With W3LL in your corner, you can be sure you continue to encourage growth, health, and well-being among your employees and team members, with the W3LL tools and support they need.


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