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With the ACA Marketplace experiencing an unprecedented boom due to new legislation and a reduction in member premiums, many Health Plans are looking for a way to capitalize on the increasing Marketplace enrollment rates. Working with an Enhanced Direct Enrollment (EDE) vendor allows Health Plans to enroll members in Marketplace plans without redirecting them to or State-Based Marketplaces (SBMs). EDE offers a slew of benefits for those looking to offer Qualified Health Plans (QHPs), including:

  • Keeping members in front of your brand during the entire application or re-enrollment process.
  • Removing competitors from the process by ditching the redirect.

Ensure that you partner with the right EDE vendor by looking for a vendor that does the following.

Offers a Seamless User Experience

Not all EDE offerings provide the same seamless experience for members while enrolling. Don’t settle for the standard EDE offering and set your expectations high by looking for a vendor who can provide the customization needed for a seamless user enrollment experience.

Keep the consumer in front of your brand during the entire application or re-enrollment process. A white-labeled solution should be able to blend with and mimic your branding so well that users won’t even be able to tell that a third-party vendor is involved. During the procurement process, request examples from vendors’ previous EDE solutions to ensure that their customization features provide a truly seamless experience.

Seek out vendors that provide user tools above and beyond the industry standard. For example, your vendor should make it easier for consumers to purchase health coverage with premium tax credits. Effortlessly determining eligibility for Advanced Premium Tax Credit in real time gives everything your members need to enroll in the moment.

Acts as an Expert to Help Anticipate Industry Shifts

Partner with a vendor that has proven their experience and expertise in the shopping and enrollment field. Those that can provide an end-to-end solution in addition to the EDE might mean for a seamless transition for your Health Plan down the road. A vendor that can implement EDE through composable solution offerings will be able to effortless integrate with pre-existing or future solution infrastructures.

Plan for future growth by selecting a vendor who is constantly expanding and refining their shopping and enrollment with EDE solution.

Provides Actionable Insights to Continually Improve

Your EDE vendor should be able to Integrate with reporting and CRM platforms for easy enrollment reminders and actionable insights based on your data. Real-time reporting on pre-enrollment and post-enrollment experiences can provide you with the information and insights needed to continually improve the sales funnel and customer support.

Partner with a vendor that constantly strives to improve their EDE solution along with providing the best service possible for your members. Here are some examples of what vendors should be offering you in this highly competitive industry:

  • A/B site testing.
  • Web analytics tracking the entire journey.
  • Robust reporting platform
  • Constant member communication

For Health Plans looking to expand their shopping and enrollment options, consider W3LL! Make sure your ad spend isn’t driving enrollments into your competitor’s arms. EDE is included in our shopping and enrollment solution.


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